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Join the team DIACOM-USA from NLS Technology on Vimeo.

Diacom-USA Biofeedback brings you a lot of benefits and features

Bulit-in FREQ-module, which other analog manufacturers do not have. Possibility to connect additional devices. Free enhanced software with regular updates and MANY OTHER FEATURES.

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News & Announcements

Diacom Biofeedback has been discontinued as the Professional level device. We now bring you Biostar-NLS for Health Professionals, now faster, and more accurate by 33% with sound therapy upgrade. Visit http://biostar-nls.com for more details.

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Diacom-USA is the leading affordable NLS system

Get a Diacom scan and LEARN why no other system comes close!

 Need a support? We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the customer. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to setup your appointment for installation and answering your questions. You can count on us. Make sure to install our TeamViewer software.

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Rich Database

Enhanced Data Base of pathogenic microflora and production of various companies, including the complete database and periodically updated base of products of the partners of Diacom Technology, managed by the user settings in the configuration menu!

Extended Vegetative Analysis

The program has also an extended option of vegetative analysis of preparations with the subsequent recommendations in relation to the selection of the group of tested preparations (increase the efficiency of the use of dietary supplements). To execute this option you need an interactive key.

Heavy Metals Analysis

It is available an option of interpretation of the content and volume of heavy metals in the active organs (organs, where the increase of the concentration of these metals can cause problems).

Interactive Firmware

Interactive Firmware updates via Internet from version 6 of the device Diacom-Lite-FREQ-Troia.

Always Up to Date

We a pleased to give you the possibility of exchange old models of the devices to new ones under favourable conditions. Please contact us for more details.

Premium Support

Diacom technology offers the possibility to obtain top class technical assistance and informational support directly from the manufacturer.

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Customer Reviews: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

Our customers are our gold. When you buy our products and services, there is no need to worry about support and help. You can always rely on us. Check out what our customers are saying about our products and services!

“DIACOM has helped saved my life!”

“I have been having DIACOM scans and Frequency treatments for the last two years for HIV/AIDS related health issues.I do believe DIACOM has helped saved my life when modern diagnostics missed some pretty serious underlying opportunistic parasitic infections that we’re destroying my body. So, I would like to say “thank you” to the DIACOM team for this amazing piece of technology!” – Clayton I.

I am grateful to have the Diacom and now the real Urmium and to have the support of someone with Ulysses’ background, knowledge, experience, work ethic and dedication. So far the Diacom over the last 17 months has enabled me to save 3 people’s lives, literally, and positively impact my own as well, and help a large number of other people too.
Mary H.
Although I have been using the Diacom Urmium since last year, Ulysees’ insight and dexterity opened my understanding of the software and technology far wider than I could have imagined.
His remote training is better experienced than any form of description. Please take advantage of this ‘guru’ in Diacom NLS.
Dr A.
I have purchased headphone covers. Great product! Great service. Thank you.
V. Keast
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Diacom Biofeedback – most advanced technology out of Russia. Through graphs, images, co-efficients and now Meridians, we can read and determine.

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